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Shaping What’s Next: Engaging Ensembles as Explorers

For those of us fortunate enough, the disruption and uncertainty of the Covid-19 crisis are providing a chance to reflect and take stock. From the

How Are You, Today?

Here are three of the ways my team and I are creating deeper connections as we work remotely with one another and with our clients.

Rx for Panic? “Embracing” Others Through Play and Improv

By playing and improvising together, we’re asserting and expanding our human need and capacity to create hope and possibility.

My Next Chapter

I’ve got some exciting news that I’m delighted to share...

Dan Pink and Cathy Salit Talk Applied Improvisation

Daniel H. Pink and Cathy Salit share ideas about improvisation and performance, and their applications off the stage. 

Leadership, Listening, and All That Jazz

When we see and relate to a team only as a collection of individuals, we’re depriving them of the power of the collective.

Objections can be the best things that happen in a sales pitch. Here’s why.

Learning to accept and create with improvisational "offers" can turn rejection into rejoicing.

How to Turn Difficult Conversations Into Remarkable Business Opportunities

Adding curiosity to a challenging interaction can bridge differences, repair relationships and lead to greater understanding.

6 Secrets From the Theater (That Anyone Can Use) For Giving Great Presentations

Use these stage techniques to connect with your audience, draw them in, and give them a performance to remember.

Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse: Secrets From the Improv World That Will Help You Close the Deal.

Whether you're selling a product, an idea or yourself, learning to listen, connect and play like an improviser can make all the difference.

To Show Up With More Confidence, Play a More Confident Character

Whether you're a leader or a new hire, one of the first steps to having confidence is to perform more confidently — even if you don't feel that way.