Our social mission.

We’re working toward a better world.

Performance of a Lifetime is on a mission — a social mission.

From the day we opened our doors we committed to making our transformational approach available to all — especially to those without means. So we designed our company to be in the business of changing the world.

Every year we donate a portion of our gross revenues — almost $10 million and counting — to grassroots organizations and social change efforts around the world that share our commitment to using the tools of performance and play for human growth and development. This has included support for:

The All Stars Project, Inc., a national nonprofit that uses a performance-based approach to help tens of thousands of inner-city youth and their families create success in their lives. In addition to financial support, we provide pro-bono services to help design and deliver programs and training to their constituents. In that way we work directly with young people and adults from the poorest communities; volunteers and staff; business professionals who are board members and donors; and police officers, young people, and facilitators as part of their award-winning Operation Conversation: Cops and Kids program.

The East Side Institute, a training and research center that is an international hub for community organizers, scholars, helping professionals, educators, and scientists in over 40 countries who are using performance, theater, and the arts in ground-breaking ways to change the world. Our principals serve as adjunct faculty, and we’re one of their biggest and most consistent financial supporters. In addition, we provide pro-bono technical support and consulting, and co-present at international conferences and summits.

Performing the World, a global community of hundreds of “performance activists” who explore the power of performance and play to create a better world. Its biennial conference in New York is a gathering place to explore and celebrate performance as a catalyst for human and community development and culture change. Since its founding in 2001, we have provided programming and financial support for scholarships, and been key organizers in building of this growing movement for social justice and transformation.