Leader as Storyteller

Information overload is a fact of modern work life, so leaders have to compete for their team’s and organization’s mindshare — and earn their interest, care, and energy.

What’s a leader to do? How can leaders engage, motivate, and “grab people’s attention” in order to build a shared vision, create belonging, and inspire teams to do the new (and often hard) things that drive business forward?

In a word: storytelling.

Leader as Storyteller

In Performance of a Lifetime’s Leader as Storyteller program, your leaders will learn how to excite, inspire, and engage others (and themselves!) through the art of creating and performing stories. They’ll discover how to:

  • Lead with the audience. Grow as listeners and learners: What’s important for this audience to hear? What do they care about? Why should they want to listen to you, given where they sit?
  • Share who they are. Leverage their own personal and professional histories to create stories that are meaningful and authentic.
  • Make it a conversation. Understand that storytelling is not “one-way” or “one-size-fits-all.” It’s all about the relationship between the speaker and the audience (of 1 or 1000).
  • Create meaning. Express a compelling vision that takes people on a journey that’s new — the audience sees, feels, and thinks in new ways — but is also familiar enough to engage and be meaningful.
  • Inspire learning. Breathe life into complex or technical information.
  • Expand creativity. Use humor, drama, and “character” to draw people in and inspire them to want more.
  • Create belonging. Make your audience feel seen and heard, and enhance mutual recognition as a foundation for growth and resilience.
  • Be real. Speak from the heart and connect with the hearts of others.

And — leaders in our programs discover a joyful secret: the most powerful stories change both the audience and the storyteller.