Our approach and methods.

I am always doing that which I cannot do, so that I may learn to do it.


What’s required of leaders is changing.

Leaders who rely on existing knowledge and a need for certainty will not be able to see, imagine, or act on the abundance of possibilities the markets are now presenting.

Leaders must take risks, embrace the unknown, increase engagement, and co-create value with clients and colleagues. They need to have vision, and the ability to build community and create environments in which others can do new things — before they know how. 

To grow the crucial leadership capabilities that meet the needs of this exciting and relentlessly emergent world, new methods for learning and development are needed.


The Becoming Principle.

The Becoming Principle® is the innovative human development approach that teaches business professionals to do what they cannot do, so that they may learn to do it.

How can leaders and teams “do what they cannot do”? By performing as who they are not… yet. We teach them to do what actors and improvisers do (and we all did as children). We help them to perform, to pretend, and to play different characters. We create a “stage,” literally and figuratively, on which they can experiment, and rehearse and direct the “scenes” in which they appear at work. They can take a step back, and see the big picture (the “whole play”). They learn to build “ensembles,” and how to make new, creative choices in conversation — what to say, how to say it, and most importantly, how to listen.


Our programs employ the following methods:

  • Improvisation and theater exercises designed to grow participants’ abilities to experiment; to build their courage, creativity, and focus; enhance their skills in making new choices, thinking on their feet, taking risks, listening and building with diverse input; and seeing, building and being part of an ensemble.
  • Teaching modules focused on specific leadership capabilitiesstorytelling, influencing, presentation and presence, communication and collaboration, client sales and relationship building, coaching and feedback, challenging conversations, etc. — that are relevant to the organization’s objectives
  • Scene work (role-plays) that embody the challenges leaders and teams are facing in their business. These can be allegorical (i.e. taking place outside the specific business but capturing the dynamics and challenges), or set within the business. Participants perform in these scenes and are directed by our expert coaches. 
  • Theatrical vignettes, performed by professional actors, that “hold a mirror” up to your company, and portray the way things are now and the way they could be.
  • Ongoing reflection and debriefing in small and large groups to consolidate these new experiences, ideas, and practices.
  • Performance coaching groups subsets of the full participant body that meet with a coach for practice, rehearsal, reflection, peer and expert coaching, and shared accountability.

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