Leading with Authenticity

In every sphere of life, people are clamoring for authenticity — and the world of business is no exception. The fast pace of the marketplace and the uncertainty of the times demand leaders who can relate with honesty, transparency, and human connection. 

That means growing leaders’ social  and emotional intelligence, so that they can handle and navigate the ever-changing circumstances of the world, and forge real connections with everyone they work with, internally and externally.

You need authentic leaders.

Leading with Authenticity

In this program, leaders can become more candid and open about who they are and what’s important to them, and be more vulnerable and able to grow alongside their peers. At the same time, we teach them how to create this type of environment back at work, supporting their own teams to engage with greater authenticity. Leaders will:

  • Learn what authenticity is — and what it isn’t. Rather than authenticity being about expressing “your true self,” it’s the ability to bring more of the multiplicity of who you are to work. And to help others do the same.
  • Gain the courage to take risks. Develop greater interpersonal and emotional flexibility and transparency.
  • Learn to put the relationship first. Authenticity isn’t just about you as an individual. Authentic leaders build and invest in relationships.
  • Become environment builders. Bring intention and creativity to how you show up, relate to and bring others together — in conversations, meetings, emails, and more. These are the day-to-day moments where culture is shaped and the conditions for belonging are created.
  • Talk straight. Create space for honesty and multiple viewpoints — yours and others’.
  • Leverage their increased authenticity to drive work forward in engaging, creative, and effective ways.

And — authentic leaders are key to producing the kinds of collaborative coalitions that bring disparate and different forces together within an organization.