Yvette Alcott

Yvette Alcott


Yvette Alcott is an actor, facilitator, and academic. She began her professional life touring Shakespeare in repertoire, and performing in other live theatre as well as film and television. She started using her skills as a performer in the business sector over 20 years ago and is committed to applied improv and theatre-based learning as tools for achieving developmental outcomes.

Spurred by a fascination to understand why some business conversations are successful and some are not, she pursued a higher degree in psychology, completing her Ph.D. in impression formation, cultural identity, and belonging. She has since worked as an academic teaching social psychology, and has also designed and facilitated programs for the corporate sector on approaching conversations about mental health at work, building team resilience and wellbeing, and developing team collaboration and communication skills.

Yvette’s work as a facilitator and coach allows her to immerse herself in diverse industries – from aviation to engineering to government health departments, to the financial & banking sector and more. She firmly believes, regardless of the business or industry, that heightened communication skills are essential components of effective leadership and people management, and are life-changing personal attributes.

Yvette loves to dive into the Pacific Ocean and swim in the open water to clear her head of all the noise. She is also learning to speak Korean.