Jacqueline Chow

Jacqueline Chow


Jacqueline Chow is a professional trainer, curriculum designer, and corporate role player with experience in both the public and private sector. As a facilitator, she motivates participants and delivers her message with clarity, respect and enthusiasm. Jacqueline has conducted workshops in the areas of presentation, interpersonal skills, customer service, and diversity and inclusion.

Jacqueline designs and teaches an emcee course at the Singapore Management University, and conducts emcee and presentation workshops for schools and organizations. Her background as a professional actress in theatre, television, film and commercial has cultivated in her skills in characterisation and improvisation, which she brings to all of her training programs in government, banking, insurance, consultancy, logistics, healthcare and manufacturing.

Jacqueline holds a Masters of Science in Management (MSc) and a Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons) from the National University of Singapore. She’s bilingual in English and Mandarin.

And she’s very adventurous when it comes to food — her list of “tried at least once” includes crickets, scorpions, larvae, silkworms, live baby prawns (still wriggling), and bull’s testicles (which she does not recommend).