Abigail Hayes

Abigail Hayes


Abigail Hayes offers more than twenty years of experience in practice-based learning using methodologies and behavioural strategies gained from her extensive theatre experience. 

Abigail comes from a family background of acting and teaching, and combines the two disciplines to employ theatre practices and coaching techniques in the field of adult behavioural change. Her work as a researcher and writer has allowed her to bring an added perspective to her work with clients — an ability to quickly understand the culture of an organization and the behaviour of the people within it. 

From personal impact and presentation, influencing, and negotiating, to customer service, conflict management, and strategic storytelling, she is highly skilled at delivering powerful feedback that enables people to achieve their goals. Abigail has worked with many organisations from both the public and private sector, housing associations, government departments, airlines, banks and national retail firms. She coaches and facilitates one-to-one work, small group workshops, and audiences of over a hundred participants. 

Alongside her corporate projects, Abigail still regularly works as a voice-over artist, specialising in documentary narration.