Orlando Gemignani is a professional consultant with over 20 years of business leadership experience in the areas of program development, corporate training, customer service, quality, marketing, public relations, and systems management. He is multilingual (Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese) and has keen insight into the issues involved in international business based on his work and personal travel throughout the world (Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia). Some of Orlando’s specialties are: executive education design and facilitation, vendor negotiation, internal employee communications, organizational architecture design, online systems deployment. In recent years, Orlando has held several key strategic positions in the HR world in Brazil, where he resides.

Orlando was a stamp collector from the age of 7, and believed that exploring each stamp in detail was a kind of travel. Later in life, living and working in 9 different countries and learning 7 languages, added to his childhood passion, allowing him to become a “citizen of the world” without a UN passport.