Melissa is responsible for advising on all of POAL’s major decisions based on her wide-ranging supervision of our finance associates, cash flow, budget planning, and monthly oversight. She maintains relationships with service providers, contractors, banks, and external accountants; and  internally, she creates and implements employee policies and benefits, and responds to employment related questions. Melissa addresses a variety of different projects, different teams, and — at some point or other — everyone on the staff, which gives her a unique perspective on the business and our overall strategic planning.

Melissa worked previously as controller for MHW, a nationally licensed beverage alcohol importer, distributor and service provider. Prior to that she served as accounting manager for a group of affiliated companies providing risk management services to hospitals. She’s a certified public accountant in New York State, and a member of the American Institute of CPAs.

Melissa is mother to two young adults, and loves dogs, cooking, entertaining, and living near the ocean. She’s crazy about spicy food, and actually likes eating alone in restaurants. This is a good thing, since the heat from her preferred cuisine often makes her eyes tear and gives her the hiccups, and she likes not to have anyone around to see that.