Cathy Salit is an author, performer, executive coach, and social entrepreneur. She began her career as an upstart and risk-taker at the age of 13, when she dropped out of eighth grade and started a radical, alternative school in an abandoned storefront in NYC. This unusual endeavor put Cathy on an unorthodox life path, which ultimately led to her building many different kinds of radical alternative learning and development environments that help people to challenge the status quo and become who they are not…yet.

One of those organizations is Performance of a Lifetime, where, as a co-founder and CEO, Cathy has led the growth of her company to three consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List. Her work and thought leadership have been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company, Costco Connection, The Wall Street Journal, CEO World Magazine, in her column for, and on a whole lot of underground and mainstream podcasts, radio and videos worldwide.

Cathy is the author of Performance Breakthrough: A Radical Approach to Success at Work (Hachette 2016), in which she presents POAL’s revolutionary approach to learning, growing and change. The book explores the Becoming Principle® methodology and features real-life case studies, as well as tips, techniques and exercises for readers to create performance breakthroughs in their everyday lives. Praise for Performance Breakthrough has come from top influencers like Susan Cain, Sheila Heen, Stephen Nachmanovitch, and Dan Pink, who writes, “This remarkable book will electrify your work and enliven your soul.”

Cathy is an artistic associate at the award-winning Castillo Theatre, knows all the words to all the songs from Funny Girl, has been performing musical improv comedy since before it was a thing, and is trying to confirm a possible/maybe/long shot spot to perform in the 2019 San Sebastian Jazz Festival in Spain. In the meantime she’s always on the lookout for opportunities to sing jazz and R&B on any stage she can find…or create. And she really likes to kickbox. A lot.