As executive assistant to POAL’s CEO and a client engagement manager-in-training, Alexis brings her most valued strength: listening, with the intent to understand the whole picture, versus listening to immediately react. She’s particularly happy that she’s found POAL, because she finds it rewarding to work with people who possess the motivation and vision of a start-up, coupled with the artistic touch of the stage, to create inspiring, engaging and fulfilling outcomes.

In her eclectic career (she gets bored easily!), Alexis has worked for C-level executives in media and advertising, and was a personal chef for people with specific health needs, often working with their nutritionists to personalize care. After college, she served with AmeriCorps for two years, working as a full time American Red Cross volunteer in Connecticut and responding to local and non-local fires, floods, and hurricanes, as well as traveling to other nonprofits including food banks, Habitat for Humanity, and helping to rebuild an animal shelter after a storm.

Alexis works equally well with adults and children — she has taught CPR to grownups and fluffy orange cake-making to kids, worked with adolescents in an alternative high school, and, while on staff in a haunted house many years ago, she honed a vital urban life skill: screaming into people’s faces on cue.