Alex Dunne

Alex Dunne


For over 25 years, Alex M. Dunne has strengthened the performance of leaders and teams in the US, Europe, and Asia for major global brands. He blends extensive experience in product design and development, customer/user research, organization development, experiential learning, change management, and design thinking to increase how teams collaborate and innovate, and how organizations keep and grow their best talent.

He writes and presents regularly on the practical application of organization development and design thinking theory. He is a co-author of popular articles like “Calibrate Before You Collaborate: Five Questions to Guide Group Work”, and “Design + Organization: Three Steps on the Bridge to the Other Side.” The Design Management Institute has published his latest article, “Diversity & Inclusion: Are You Making Way, Or Are You In The Way?”

A native New Yorker, Alex holds a BA in regional science from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in applied behavioral science from LIOS/Bastyr University. He lives in Seattle, where he has served as faculty and board member for community development groups like Leadership Eastside and the Community Consulting Partnership.

In addition to being a dad and avid runner, in the last few years Alex has learned to juggle, play the ukulele, sail a boat, and recently got his FCC license as a ham radio operator. And he’s not just ambidextrous; he can write with both hands simultaneously.