Day to day, Craig Pattison — POAL’s director of client engagement, quintessential Leo, and proud Generation X-er — manages individual client projects, and works more broadly to build our commercial capability and profitability. He assists the various teams (delivery, sales, and management) in supporting each other in growing the quality and quantity of their work.

Craig fully embraces POAL’s fast-paced, creative work environment, filled with synergy of humor and seriousness that we bring to clients. He knows that many of them think we’re “weirdos” when they first encounter POAL in a workshop — and their affection grows from there. (#loveyourweirdo)

Craig is a former employee and longtime volunteer with the All Stars Project, a non-profit mission partner with POAL. As a professional actor in off-broadway and regional theater, his proudest role was Chester in a production of Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse featuring a Van Halen air guitar solo for hundreds of kindergarten and first-graders in Alabama. Like most actors, he has been a waiter, a stage builder and summer camp counselor.  He is certified by the Society of American Fight Directors in hand to hand, broadsword and rappier & dagger and is an Actors’ Equity Member on Honorable Withdrawal. Other notable professions include proprietor of a cul-de-sac lemonade stand.

An avid reader and sports fan (Buffalo Bills and Sabres, New York Mets and rough sledding), Craig adores cold weather and yet cannot stop trying to get back to Hawaii. Which will have to wait a bit, since he has recently become a first-time father!