Cathy was the opening keynote speaker for the annual scholarly conference of the International Association for the Study of Play, held at Rutgers University in New Jersey on March 17, 2016. Conference organizer and co-author of Unscripted Learning, Carrie Lobman, Ph.D., said of Cathy’s interactive talk, “The amazing thing about Cathy’s keynote presentation was that she simultaneously presented a revolutionary new methodology for understanding why play matters not just to children but to all people, and gave participants tools for immediately letting that new knowledge impact their performance. Throughout the next three days of the conference people came up to me and shared that because of Cathy’s presentation they had listened differently and had made connections to each other that they never would have made otherwise.”

Cathy Rose Salit is a performer and the founder of Performance of a Lifetime. Her book, Performance Breakthrough: A Radical Approach to Success at Work (Hachette Books) is on sale everywhere books are sold.

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